Why Ethereum may be better than Bitcoin

Why Ethereum may be better than Bitcoin

Ethereum is a total different system for of digital currency, it runs on a system of a smart contract. It uses a machine of Ethereum virtual machine which uses a type of Artificial Intelligence that run like a super computer built on a Block-chain system. Ethereum has a unique system and is relatively new to the system with many investors believing in its long-term growth.

The growth of Ethereum as a network is expected to go high as the speculation around the future cryptocurrency is high. Although Block-chain system is not solely used for smart agreement but a general system for all trading of crypto assets.

With a lot of positive thoughts and feedback around the cryptocurrency and Ethereum. It has kept many investors wondering will the price go high in the nearest future just like Bitcoin.

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Ethereum was a product of a success story of a programmer who is interested in the financial markets and how he can improve it. He aimed at improving the financial market’s technology to go beyond a method of payment. Ethereum can be used to run a smart agreement, this allows for the automation of awarding some trophies to a winner. This trophy is transfer through this smart agreement using the Block-chain.

The development was out of a crown sales which generated 72 million of pre-mined coins that was distributed to the first set of Ethereum long-term holder. In 2016, there was a loop hole in the DAO project that resulted in over $50 million worth of Ethereum stolen. This led to the creation of two types of Ethereum with the new one being the ETH coin ticker. And the latter one with the Ethereum classic ETC coin ticker.

Expert in the financial Fields as seen future in investing in Ethereum, most expert see Ethereum as one of the most interesting piece of technology in the financial space. Lot of firms in the technology and finance has expressed their opinion on the growth of Ethereum in the coming years.

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Alex Ohanian, Reddit Co-founder who is known as an authority in the technology business. The tech entreprenuer believed the coin will rise to about $1,500, he told the well known financial magazine Forbes in an interview which is based on cryptocurrency. The tech mogul says he knows the coins will rise really fast because, people are investing in it. Although, it is still in it early days and, we have large number of them in the market.

Steven the CEO of ICO, the cryptocurrency market that help Ethereum price to skyrocket in the year 2017. He believes the price of the Ethereum will reach a price of $3000 per coin. He says many people are investing in the Eco system and, we are expecting more.

You can’t deny the fact that Ethereum is a different and a special development that will change the world forever. With more technology built on the smart contract system protocol. Every investor, expert is on the lookout for the Ethereum to reach it maximum height just like how it did during the ICO season and hype bubble. The event that drove the price from a dollar, to above $1,800 before it falls below 81 dollars and currently trading at 180 dollars.

Why Ethereum may be better than Bitcoin

Ethereum brought a whooping 1000% increase in investment for the first set of investors, if, you are good with your trading skills and can predict with your stats. Ethereum is a great asset for you to invest in and take advantage of its price swings in its market.

With the future of Ethereum seeming bright, with so many returns on your investment. It has earned a lot of support from the whole cryptocurrency industry. This will give you hint into why Ethereum can be a good investment for you given all its expectations and prediction not due to it low price but also it is technological advancement.

In conclusion, Ethereum run on a different system from Bitcoin. The price of Ethereum is expected to grow in the nearest future, with a lot of finance guy trying to develop the technology Ethereum would prove to be one of the best investment that you would want to invest in the coming years. Although Bitcoin also as an experience a price drop in within last two or three months this year.